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How Does Exercise Influence Your Manhood

Exercise Influence Your Manhood

How Does Exercise Influence Your Manhood

1 of 3 couples are unable to conceive naturally due to poor sperm health. Sub-quality sperm in men is affecting couples worldwide, increasing fertility issues. As per a new research published in the peer-reviewed journal Reproduction partaking incertain exercise regimens, can help solve these issues. Various exercise regimens that may have beneficial effects on overall sperm quality.

Miscarriage, birth defects, and even childhood cancers can be the result of poor quality sperm.  Improving your sperm quality is essential not only for the wellbeing of your existing family but also for the coming generations.

Improving your lifestyle and habits can help boost your sperm health. Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, low alcohol intake, quitting smoking and regular exercise are some of the easiest ways to help your count. Some research shows that intense workouts such as long distance running and endurance cycling can adversely affect the quality of sperms. On the contrary, other studies indicate that certain exercises and their durations tend to have a beneficial impact on sperm.

To find out the effect of different exercise regimens on various sperm parameters, a team of scientists from Uremia University in Iran conducted a thorough research on 261 healthy males, aged between 25 and 40. Volunteers were divided into four experimental groups:

Each exercise regimen was continued for 24 weeks and semen samples were analyzed before, during and post-workout periods in order to find out sperm count, shape, size, motility, inflammatory marker levels and their response to oxidative stress.

Results were in favor of men who were part of the exercise groups. Those who were part of the exercise group, has improved their sperm quality compared to that of the control group. . Scientists also discovered that sperms of men who workout are also better morphologically. The most promising results were observed in MICT group (i.e. moderate-intensity continuous training). Compared with control group, MICT had 21.8% higher sperm volume per ml of the ejaculate and 8.3% more semen volume. Moreover, MICT group showed 12.4% and 14.1% greater sperm quality and concentration, respectively

What is important to note with this study that the results were not long lasting. Once the men stopped their workout regimen, all impressive results of sperm count, shape, and concentration dropped back to their pre-existing conditions.

In short, working out in a moderately intense way is a simple and effective way of improving your sperm health. However, remember that perpetuation is key. Fertility issues are complex and require attention. If you are struggling with fertility, the experts at The Male Enhancement Center are the top consultants who can guide you through the complicated world of male sexual health. So does Exercise Influence Your Manhood? YES.

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