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Erectile Dysfunction and Illicit Users of Amphetamine

Erectile Dysfunction and Illicit Users of Amphetamine image

Erectile Dysfunction and Illicit Users of Amphetamine

A new study claims that men that use and abuse amphetamine are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. According to the study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in the July 2013 issue, at least one in every four men suffering from erectile dysfunction are in their mid-30s. The use of illicit drugs raises the risk of sexual dysfunction in men, which may negatively affect their sex life.

Reduced satisfaction in the bed, decreased erectile rigidity, higher orgasmic intensity, reduced libido, and prolonged ejaculation latency are some of the negative effects of amphetamine use.

What Are Amphetamines

While therapeutic use of amphetamines benefits those suffering from central nervous system disorders, repeated use or abuse of the drug is dangerous.

These drugs are often used for the treatment of ADHD, depression, and other central nervous system disorders. However, abuse of these drugs can have both long-lasting and short-term effects, such as appetite suppressant, palpitation, feeling a sense of euphoria. The dosage and frequency of amphetamine use can affect sexual function.

Erectile Dysfunction and Amphetamine

The highlight of the study is the relation between erectile dysfunction and amphetamines. The drug abuse can cause difficulty in achieving and maintaining erections. Amphetamine overuse makes it difficult for men to get their penis fully hard to achieve an erection, which makes sex difficult, further resulting in increased frustration among both partners.

The study warns men who enjoy taking the drug to refrain from its abuse to avoid negative consequences in the long run. Used often for recreational purpose, Amphetamines are CNS stimulant drugs with a neurotoxic effect on the central nervous system and brain, which affect sexual function. The study highlights reduced sexual desire and erectile dysfunction as the most common side effects of heroin and amphetamine abuse.

According to the study, users who took the drug for three or more times a day were more likely to experience adverse sexual function compared to those who took the drug just once daily.

Sexual behavior changes are common in a person abusing amphetamine. Long-term abuse of the drug can result in decreased sexual activity, while increasing sexual promiscuity. As a result, there is a high risk of the person indulging in unprotected sex and getting a sexually transmitted disease. According to American Psychiatric Association’s Manual of Mental Disorders, Synopsis of Psychiatry, overdose of amphetamines raises the risk of sexual dysfunctions, including erectile disorder.

Treatment should be sought immediately if you or a loved one is indulging in amphetamine abuse, as long-term use can cause seizures, coma, hallucinations, mood changes, and even prove fatal, besides adversely affecting your sexual life.


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