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Does Shellfish Intake Lead To Endometrial Carcinoma?

Does Shellfish Intake Lead To Endometrial Carcinoma?

Does Shellfish Intake Lead To Endometrial Carcinoma?

What is Endometrial Carcinoma?

Endometrial carcinoma is the cancer of endometrium, the inner lining of female uterus. Endometrial cancer, also known as corpus cancer or corpus uterine cancer is the most common type of cancer in women. The pathophysiology revolves around uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the endometrium i.e. the inner lining of uterus. These abnormal cells can spread to other parts of the body as well.

Shell fish and endometrial carcinoma link:

Shellfish is traditionally considered as a healthy seafood but do you have any idea that its overconsumption can leads to many health-related issues???

According to a new survey, too much consumption of some seafood like shell fish can elevate the risk of developing cancer. This is mainly because sea food (specifically shell fish) contains large amount of cadmium which is associated with the risk of developing endometrium cancer.

What is Cadmium?

Cadmium is a metal contaminant that is found in various sea foods such as shell fish, marine fish, mollusks etc.

The new research is based on the outcome of five years observational study and is published in the peer reviewed journal PLOS One. The research was carried out on 1510 participants all were women, among them 631 women have the history of endometrium cancer and 879 women were normal.

As part of the study, the participants filled a comprehensive survey based on 200 questions regarding their diet, lifestyle habits and prospective exposure to different risk factors. Besides this, saliva and urine test were also conducted on these participants in order to analyze the presence of cadmium level in their blood.

Researchers compared the cadmium levels in women with a history of endometrium cancer with the group of normal women with no history of endometrium cancer. The findings indicated that women with high cadmium levels are at a high risk of developing endometrium cancer.

Outcome of the research:

After comprehensive analysis and long term detailed investigation, the researchers came to the following conclusion:

Why chances of endometrial cancer increase due to cadmium?

According to research conducted by Jane A. McElroy, PHD from Missouri University of Medicine, endometrial cancer is strongly associated with the estrogen exposure. Cadmium exposure emulates the estrogen and its effect on body. Due to which growth of endometrium has been increased that leads to an increased risk of developing endometrial cancer.

How can we reduce the risk of endometrium cancer?

There are various lifestyle changes that helps you to reduce the risk of developing endometrium cancer linked with cadmium exposure.


Cadmium exposure to a high degree can cause many other health related issue and increase the chances of developing many diseases besides endometrium cancer like breast cancer or ovarian cancer. We should reduce the exposure of cadmium level in order to avoid such ailments.

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