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7 Supplements a Men Should Never Take

7 Supplements a Men Should Never Take

7 Supplements a Men Should Never Take

Supplements are products or medicines that are used to supplement diet or to overcome any dietary deficiency.  These supplements comprise of different nutrients, vitamins and minerals along with other vital ingredients to play a fundamental role in maintaining physical and sexual health as well as fulfilling the dietary deficiencies of your body.

With declining nutritional quality of food and growing trend of junk food /fast food; the dietary supplements have become a significant need for people these days. Many people in US take supplements on a daily basis. According to an estimate about 47% of US population consume at least one dietary supplements on a regular basis.

However, the question is whether these supplements are good for you or not? What is the right supplement choice for your body? The selection of supplements is very important. Because many of these supplements are not FDA approved and their safety is questionable.

Why people take nutritional supplements?

Usually a man takes supplements for any of the following reason.

There are many supplements about which we don’t have any idea whether they are actually beneficial for us or not. Some of them are dangerous for your health.

Supplements a Man should Avoid by all means:


There is no good reason to use any of the above supplements. And it is highly recommended to avoid taking such supplements without doctor prescription







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